After Completion of Endodontic Treatment FAQ

What should I expect after my endodontic treatment?

We are delighted that you have chosen our office for your endodontic treatment. Thank you for allowing us to provide your care. We sincerely hope you have had a pleasant experience.

Please read our After Care Instructions

You may experience tenderness for several days. Although the tooth is no longer “alive,” the ligaments that secure the tooth in the bone remain living and may cause the tooth and area to be sore following treatment. If you have significant pain or swelling, please contact our office. 

If your root canal treatment is completed:

Although the root canal system is permanently sealed, a permanent restoration (“crown”) is required to ensure success of treatment. Please schedule an appointment with your general dentist within 2-4 weeks for placement of a definitive crown restoration

If you have any questions, please call our office at Tupelo Office Phone Number 662-840-4422